Kangaroo stake pool, an Australian-owned and operated Cardano stake pool.

Support Cardano decentralisation by delegating to a single pool operator today. I provide professional operation of this pool, with my skillset as a professional software developer and hacker. The revenue from this pool is used to fund operational costs and upgrades, as well as eventually sponsoring my own contributions to the Cardano ecosystem.

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How to delegate to KANGA / pool information

In your favourite Cardano wallet, look for the KANGA pool in your 'staking' or 'delegation' centre.

KANGA (cardanoscan.io, adapools.org), or

Pool ID:
(bech32: pool1gq7zwmtpnj7wufnv97xhx43eqhla3trc3803r3rcwppszc6vh9y)


I answer support queries and publish pool information on Telegram at @KangarooStakePool. I can also be pinged from the @CardanoStakePoolWorkgroup Telegram channel at @soccer193.

I aim to provide a set and forget experience for delegators (and myself), however advance notice of any important changes to the stake pool will be provided through the @KangarooStakePool Telegram channel. Please subscribe to this channel, for updates.